Monday, 31 December 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR! WELCOME 2008! Goodbye 2007!

a conclusive postmortem of 2007
- puberty
- stayed awake for 48 hours without sleep (due to our last minute work 4 F1 challenge)
- interviewed by the Star & had my moronic face publised on the Star newspaper (hehez)
- first time representing the school and state to Alor Star in a F1 competition
- ran naked around my house compound *Heheeeeee*
- first time seeing the F1 live in Sepang for free
- joined thew PRS(counseling unit) in my school
- finally, attained the post Planning Exco for the English Language society
-joined a parenting workshop *was the only boy there
- became the ASSISTANT Marketing Director for our YE company, Blitzkrieg
- first time wearing the cool-loking school blazers during the YE sales at Queensbay
- became a member of YAC, Penang
-first year joining Star Walk
- got the 22nd place for the boys category in Starwalk *nothing to be proud of but at least i get to go home with a piece of pewter with a miserable 22nd placing engraved on it
- seen the endocrinologist and he said i was ok - diagnosis :belated puberty
- participated in the most AAK activities compared to the previous years
-performed in Ronggeng Merdeka(first time performing "overseas"__Seberang Jaya)
- just and still participating in a Rakan Warisan project mainly the heritage guide training
- drank while urinating in a queensbay mall toilet, not to mention being videotaped and posted on Youtube.
- participated in a Young curators workshop by USM
- being selected to represent the school in an National Olympiad Mathematics Competition
- my team was the school champion in the Chinese debate competition *TOTALLY unxpected
- lost the Malay debate competition in my school, taking the miserable 4th place.
- being shortlisted into the two out of 100 participants from my school in the Olympiad thingy *SHOCKED + CONFUSED
- evolved from a nerdy & totally academic-based geek to an active "join-everything"
moron ( may not flare in these activities but why not try) i should've become the latter me when I was younger in form 1 but i failed to realize the importance until this year.
- overall results in school : 2nd in class and 10 th in the form *more stress
- was backstabbed
- frequently scolded for being an unorganized, last minute boy
- discovered a few good friends
- took the bus on a daily basis on my own

- climbed over a wall and sneaked into someone's house compound while the owner was in the living room. *it was for a righteous purpose*
- went out half-naked with my grandfather to do some shopping + being stared at by more than 50 people + being mistaken or maybe not, as a mentally retarded boy.....
- picked up German in the holidays
- attended the first sarong tikar party in my life (AAK Reunion)

- produced a lot of videos including my two "suicidal attempts" at Queensbay

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