Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Exclusivce Report

Recently, i enrolled myself into a program "Rakan Warisan" although it was supposed to be for those between 17 to 30. So, Liyana and I were like the juniors there. Janet, Sheau Fung and Yoke Pin instructed us on a few important tips to manage a project plus some heritage guiding skills.
But since I was still "BLUR BLUR" although I dont know why I am labelled as "Blur blur" , maybe its because of Janet. Because when she asks you a question, the way her eyes stares at you, scares one out of his balls. Because her stare kind of tells you( well maybe not u but me, yes) if you dont get this answer correct, I am going to eat you up. I just said maybe, ok so dont get me wrong. Hehezzzz

I must say that this camp is really an eye-opener for most of us who haven't had the chance of being involved in the management of a project. We were also required to design a theme walk where I had to join another group which was the twins' group. The twins were nice & friendly people although they wore the same outfit everyday except for once after Janet insisted they didnt do so. We were initially doing the British settlements Walk which included the churches and the last stop of the walk would be, according to them, a secret weapon against the other groups. Since they decided to change the walk to the Chinese Beliefs Walk, I guess I am free to tell you that the "weapon" they proposed was the CHocolate Boutique. Well, initially, I protested too.

Then, the "heated discussion" kind of started within the group. I dont know why but maybe I was indeed that stupid and 99% of my ideas was really BAD, every thing I wanted to add into the group's collection of information was cut off & sort of fired at. But the irony was even if I made a single tiny comment maybe a change of choice of a few words, my group members turned really defensive and insisted that every one of my suggestion and correction was indeeed INCORRECT and IRRELEVANT and most of all, they asked me to " PLS THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK" twice whenever I gave any opinions! Ok fine, when there is conflict interest involved I can still "tahan", but when there is disrespect, sarcasm involved, I really couldnt take it anymore.

As a team, one should be cooperative and be opened to another team members' idea and most of all respect the other team member. And most of all, you dont simply shut the other person up by asking him to THINK BEFORE HE SPEAKS eSPECIALLY when that person isn't joking and is damn serious about the project even there is conflict of ideas. Other than that, a team discusses among everyone of the members and not isolate the other member from your discussion whether the guy is or isn't ur brother. A good team member doesnt simply turn his back on you and discusses only with his brother or sister, in a low voice. And most of all when a team member answers or gives his reply to a question, you dont simply ignore the one answering when the other one does not have the answer yet and keep on waiting for the other guy's answer although he maybe ur brother but u dont ignore completely the "other guy" who gives you the correct answer. EVen if it is not a correct answer, how can you ignore him and dont even acknowledge you. I understand I have no working experience but how can you say that you have the experience when you have this so non-working class behaviour. In an office, u'd get fired because you dont respect others, you dont accept everything others say and only believe in your ideas that they are always 100% correct. No cooperation.
Pls note that I am not trying to have any personal vendettas against anyone here but I would just like to point out a few of human's weaknesses. Yes, i understand I myself have weaknesses and I would be glad if you point that out to me. But I gotta write this out as I have met SO MANY people of these kind since Primary school up to NOW. I am sure you have met some of them too in ur life.

Ok, our first stop in our walk is the Joss Stick maker as it is part of the CHinese Beliefs Walk as joss sticks is a very very crucial part in CHinese praying rituals.
Let me ask you, is the materials such as the sandalwood used to make the joss sticks an important thing to inform the tourists on the walk? Why they use Indian sandalwood compared to Australian one? Is it relevant or TOTALLY irrelevant? I insisted that it should be included but others say its irrelevant and asked me to think before i speak.


u-jean said...

chill man!

now you're by yourself. is that good or is that bad...?

tskhoo said...

Ok. It's quite sad that they left so soon. It's not that I hate them or dislike them very much. WHat I write It's actually what I feel its not right to do when u r in a group or to a fren. Maybe I put it in a wrong way but I am trying to point out these character that i see in a lot of my frens although noone is perfect.

actually, when i look back, honestly, I feel that they are quite good friends to have. It's juts that my mind may have been shrouded with anger that I became so judgemental. *SMACK MY SELF*