Friday, 21 December 2007

Today, I reread the exclusive report post i wrote about the rakan warisan project and some personal disagreements. I find that the way I expressed my feelings was quite judgemental and was written out of a little dissatisfaction and maybe a little anger EXCEPT for the fact about Janet.

It may seem that I may be trying to ummm "condemn" or express my dissatisfaction with people but my real intention was to like point out a few things or types of character that I dislike but not the person as I realize that noone is indeed perfect. I am quite in the wrong for pinpointing it on only a few particular people only but I should've used a more general term. That I was wrong. But as time passes by, one realizes that that person may not be as bad as it seems.

~My #1 weakness I realized today.
~ Lesson learnt: Dont judge a person too quickly.

From today on, I will be writing a weakness of myself that I get to realize on every posts so as to remind me to change.

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