Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ahhhha! Long time no blog. Other than the fact that I am now released on bail , wait dont get excited, not from jail but from a punishment in accordance to a newly enacted draconian law, not in Malaysia(we already know that) but in the grounds of what I call H.O.M.E, home. Due to some "speculations" and charges that, tskhoo, the defendant was TOO dependent on so-called 'luxuries' which include the usage of a car( though its just a 20 yearold grandpa's car which just got 2 samans caused by me by the way), the addiction to the PC, not doing much housework, lazing around.... the verdict, the punishment to be imposed upon this young man would be :
i) No computers
ii)No car, no motorbike. Only bicycles and the efficient Rapid Penang.
iii) Doing 90 % of housework. Before this it was say 10 or 0.1 %?
iv) RM 2 a day which will be gone if u take the bus to anywhere.

So, it began. Mopping, sweeping the whole house, dishes, cleaning, next step laundry.......Followed my ama to the market. She taught me skills I would never have known. So I guess in a way, me being banned from all those above, really taught me stuff .And now I am learning to cook my Ama's Nyonya dishes which is real cooL! Now I know how to cook my favourite soup- the tauhu soup or smg, the black soy meat, kangkung... Wow, so wat? Next step? Sewing perhaps.

But soon punishment
no.i) had to be momentarily dropped for I needed to do some online examination and also
I just got to know that I am now................teng teng teng ........a director. Haha! Director u know, like Steven Spielberg already. XD Not exactly, not yet. I am supposed to lead this video documentary on eviction in Georgetown and yeah I m rather lost now since I dont have the experience yet but I m learning from the experts.

I just attended this workshop by ENgagemedia on video distribution by Mien who directed the Human Rights Documentary "Running" and the acclaimed Fahmi Reza, who directed the famous 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka. I just watched them and its highly recommended and it really gave me inspirations.

Wait no I am not into MassCom or film production or anything, I am Still going for Medicine but well it can be still too early to say for certain. Anyway now I am in a dilemma, I received an offer for Matrikulasi in Gopeng Perak. My friends are certain to go for it instead of going for f6, but I still cant make up my mind.

Matrikulasi or F6?

and oh yeah. sorry abt the sidebar being packed with lots of stuff and u'll keep seeing new things and widgets popping out of it. Don't get confused, I am just trying out some of bloggers functions. XD

SO much love you'd be drowning,


魂·失 said...

haha....i d learn how to cook after spm d.. xD

tskhoo said...

really> cool!!! we can exchange skills n dishes then. Haha XD

Alvin said...

matriculation will prob gives u a much better assurance of a place in govn uni for medicine, given with ur intelligence. :) Unless u r aiming to go overseas, where they'll not recognize matriculation as an entry requirement.
Just my dua kupang =)

tskhoo said...

haha. walao brother alvin suan me again. XD . oh.. yeah i may take matrikulasi d. :)