Monday, 9 July 2007

Oh yeah..its another mundane Monday...I hate Mondays,its the start of the week- 5 more days to endure before weekend. No mood at all. But never mind, at least I know for sure that I didn't get to be one of the 20 finalists ofChung Ling Idol. Never mind then. I also got my school results today, I am quite happy with it and ada sikit improvements lah. :)

Anyway I got something to cheer myself up with. A kind of a not so dirty joke. here's how it goes: ( I have modified the names and stuff)

One day, there was a salesman, steven who sells condoms from house to house. So, he reaches a shop house which is famous for nanyang cuisines and approaches a woman with white hair who was smoking "Camels", Jinut(hehe) to try to sell his products. Suprisingly, Jinut is not clear with the use of the condom so Steven who is a typical Penangite salesman who has to reach his sales target in time to keep his job, tells her and asks her to place the condom on her cigarette to get a better fragance. She tries it on and as a matter of fact, it feels good. She bought a packet of the condom and thanks the salesman.

After a week, her stock runs out and she stops by a 7-11 shop to restock. She shows the shop vendor the empty packet and said:
" Do you have one that can fit on camels?"