Friday, 15 June 2007

the ronggeNG FINALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its the last show of Ronggeng Merdeka. Its here in Penang at the usual "heritage" site - junction ofArmenian St and Jalan Masjid Kapitan KEling. ALangkah nostalgianya tempat ini. This place just reminds me of last year- the fun we had, the laughs and maybe tears and scoldings. Well tomorrow on 16TH OF JUNE 2007 there will be 2 shows!

One at 7.50pm and another one at 9pm. Come and join in the fun! A production of Ombak-ombak Art Studios and presentation by ANAK- ANAK "KOTEH"XD.......
Its also sad by the way, that this whole program is coming to its end. Well, great things gotta end dont they. That's life the way it is. I do hope by any chance , a KL trip pops out suddenly after tomorrow's show and lengthen the time of HAPPYNESS for us.

Actually yah, in conjunction with the 50th year of Independence of our beloved nation, the state government or maybe even the national committee for the Merdeka celebrations on 31st of August this year should well have a performance of RONGGENG MERDEKA! THat would be great. Well since they disappointed us last year for the VISIT MALAYSIA YEar OPENING.
They should repent their "sin" now.. HEHEHE!

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