Saturday, 30 June 2007

Happiest Moments Come and Go.

Well today's the long awaited moment of happiness- its the Sarong and Tikar Party!!!! Wohooooooo! I promised u-jean to go help out earlier at first at 4.30pm but tak boleh have to stay back at school until 3.15pm. Geram dgn sekolah. Sat pun ada!
Well actually I havent chosen my costume for tonight's party and I came home and as usual PANICKLAH simply grab my father's sarong which once belong to my grandfather, put on a singlet and originally i wanted to wear a newspaper sarong but i didnt in the end.

At first, I was supposed to be in charge of decorations and traffic control. (That car park over there, this one orang besar sini.HEHE). But selven ajak me to go well wave some flags to guide those who didnt know where SERI is. I decided to buat pandai buka sarong up and down and swing it all around while selven was waving his flag on the pavement opposite One STop Mall. Eventually, motorists along Pulau Tikus stared at us. Anyway they were all thinking we were idiots. Well me being PART of the cause of that humiliation, I would like to apologize partially to Mr Selvenraz or rather STevenish selven. The party was SUPERB! THats just too bad for Suha , Srynn and others who couldnt come. Well, our impromptu performance went quite well with Selven's skillful impersonation of noneother than the "Awan Putih". The games and especially the Janet impersonation game was GREAT especially when you see the look on Janet's face when she sees her own self.

HAPPY 7th (i think)BIRTHDAY of ANak-anak Kota!!! Long live AAK! Thank you JANET, Dr Tan, YOKE PIN,SHAHRIE,SHEAU FUNG..............

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