Friday, 8 June 2007

ahhh. The 2nd n 3rd performance in Seberang Jaya was quite ok. Well at least not BAD. well during the 1st show, I forgot to prepare myself with my gedombak to start playing lagu hulubalang. Sorry dr tan. Hehex. During that time, I was wondering what the heck is Siew ean and Wawa trying to ask me to do. Oh rupa-rupanya to go out to pick up the red ribbon which was dropped during the previous scene. I thought I better not go out (maybe it'll look awkward to the audience) and I hoped the ronggeng girls who were coming out soon would pick it up. They did.
And by the way, to SUEZ:
You write nice poems. Holiao man! I cant even squeeze out a verse of poem unless talking about some kinda rubbish poems. hahax

Gotta go zzzzzz.. now. Tomorrow have to wake up at 4.30am and get it ALL OUT tomorrow morning in Balik Pulau.

Signing off guys. May all of us be blessed. Hehe XD

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