Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Some not so random photos

Doctors in the making.........oh wait for some.... mental patients in the making
Group E. MY GROUP!!! Hey you Sarawakian!No not entao kc boss. u know who u r. dont look! dont be perasaan! lol

Entao KChuin Boss!*whistles* Dr Lau
Who is this? Dr Khoo??
hey stop it! STOP IT! the nurses are laughing at me

n thats how its done.
Kanye West having a hard time.

NAZA Space Exploration? Seriously, not nASA , NAZA?????


魂·失 said...

obviously...im not ready for the photo... T.T

n im not entao... SORRY BOSS!!!

Zheng Yang said...

omg!!! "hard" time! rofl

GoatKY said...

I see that before graduating with your MBBS, you already have a PhD (Pretty Huge D***)

Naza Space Exploration Agency, powered by the Naza Ria's engine, will take you pass the ozone. Malaysia Boleh

From the second space passenger,
Koay Keat Yang (To be conferred the title Dato soon)

P/S Since I am now the pride of the nation, aka the Angkasawan V 2, I will charge for my talks.

tskhoo said...

Hard indeed guys! LOL. U r ready lah kc! Haha. phD? pretty horrific dick too!XD LOL! MAN! REally love that part on Naza engine(V6 or 12 XD) taking u past the ozone. N gud luck Dato Seri Koay aka Angkasawan v2!