Sunday, 15 June 2008

Kuiz Sejarah

See me ? haha! We were not quite satisfied as we hoped to be able to represent Penang in the upcoming National Quiz on Sejarah. Here's how it went..
So on Thursday morning, I arrived at school as usual, early and I got my testimonials from my form teacher to be submitted to the MOE of Singapore for my ASEAN scholarship application and obtained the blank papers with the prestigious Chung Ling letterheads on it, with much difficulty due to lack of cooperation of some fellow high positioned bozos. Nevertheless, I wish to thank Ms Elizabeth Aw and MR Yeap Hock Chye, our beloved yet entao ass. HM and not to forget my dedicated form teacher Pn Oon who were most helpful. Then, I shitted in school for the second time since I first set foot here, in Chung Ling. Anyway, after all those, I submerged myself once again into the Sejarah textbooks. That was stressful to finish the Sej syllabus from F1 to F3 in two days was indeed a killer for me.

At 12, we embarked on our little journey to Jawi for the competition. We were to face 3 other schools shortlisted who were SMK SoSad, SMK Bukit Mertajam and Jit Sin. And so it started after we had Malay economy rice. We were quite nervous , seeing that there were more than 300 supporters of the other schools who were all from the mainland looking up at us. And so the game started, our first question hit us hard, blew our confidence 3 yards away. But nevertheless, we managed to answer the following questions until bad luck settled in. We simply chose quite a number of F5 Questions (we were told to concentrate on F1 to F3 by the organizers but nvmlah) which further erased any possibility of winning. The emcee kept mentioning ENFAGROW and about me being excited every time i stood up to answer a question. NO doubt, I was really cute and adorable there. The Malay girl sitting beside me( the champions) was like a walking Sejarah Textbook , I believe not to be of common genetic characteristic of a typical Homo Sapien. They deserved to win but us being losers, tried to console ourselves with the peribahasa" menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu". Here are the photographs and one will not forget the SUPERB performance by a group of future Malaysian Idols....... Enjoy

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Tommy Gan said...

Thiaga looks disappointed and fishy.....