Tuesday, 13 March 2007

1st day of holiday- YE teambuilding event in tanjung bungah. I was suffering all the way thru the event as my body was extremely itchy and stinging. it was like thousands of needles poking the surface of my skin. AHhh!So i had to cancel the appointment to meet sheau fung n mun hoe at pht for the assignment. Tak boleh makan prawns, eggs and all seafood! No WAY!! This was only the start of the holiday. So i missed the chance to have steamboat with my fren at nagore road.

3rd day- School leadership course. one word to describe the participants -BORED TO DEATH. We were playing bingo. When i won once, i didnt realise i was in a hall full of people and I shouted BINGOOO!fwuhh! halfway thru had to escape and rush to Heboh. Met up with them along jalan masjid kapitan keling. Now this activity was very much more like it.

4thday- Still school leadership course. When i tried to escape this time, well i was stopped by the teacher with the shotgun in her hand. So guai guailah sit back there until after the test in the course.

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u-jean said...

hey, can in invest in ur school's ye r?